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Who We Are

Designer Institute of Interior Design is an Institute of Design

The vision envisaged by the organization of Designer Publications Kerala Pvt. Ltd is takingshape through the Designer Institute of Interior Design [DiiD]. The Institute is all abouteducating and equipping students, professionals, learners in the field of Interior Design.

Interior Design is a fast developing discipline. Its importance lies in the fact that the interioruse of anenclosed space is changing frequently due to the fast changing life styles. Thus theneed of an interior designer will increase in the coming years.

Designer Institute of Interior Design situated at Ravipuram, in the heart of the City of Cochin,established in 2011 has already become a leading design Institute of Kerala State.In the process, DiiD aims to create design professionals and entrepreneurs with the sensitivity,the sensibility and the ability to eventually contribute in a fully aware and insightful manner,to societal needs.The Prospectus provides comprehensive information on all programs at DiiD.

What We Do

Currently we are the only accredited interior designing training institute offering the KITCO– ASSOCHAM Consortium Diplomas in Interior Designing. At the outset we would liketo explain that these Courses are not simply about the theory of interior design. These areintensive practical Courses developed to provide you with the professional skills required tosucceed as an Interior Designer. Learners of both the Courses will get adequate knowledgeabout the management practices required to become an entrepreneur in interior design also.

  • KITCO is an organization for monitoring industrial projects of small, medium andlarge scale. Human Resource Development Programmes undertaken by KITCO includeentrepreneurship development, skill up gradation, skill certification, certification of vocationalcourses and placement services. It’s a reputed Govt. of Kerala body.
  • ASSOCHAM : It is an apex body of more than 300 Chambers and Trade Associationsin India and enjoys the patronage from all major industries in the country. It is one of theIndian bodies held in high esteem all over the world.
  • Consortium means an association of two or more individuals, companies,organizations or governments (or any combination of these entities) with the objective ofparticipating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal.KITCO and ASSOCHAM have joined hands to design, conduct, examine and certify qualitycourses and training programmes in different areas where there is a felt need for qualifiedhuman resources, in India and overseas.



KITCO Ltd was established in 1972 as the first Technical Consultancy Organisation (TCO) in India, jointly by Industrial Development Bank of India, Government of Kerala and public sector banks.

KITCO has an excellent infrastructure for conceptualising projects with the latest CAD/CAM tools for design and drawings and undertakes all projects in house to have greater control over cost, quality, confidentiality and time.


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