The Road Ahead

The Institute seeks to provide a unique and exciting specialist design education which is based on futuristic methods but which challenges conventional concepts, processes and solutions in order to meet the needs of present and future generations of students. Education has a vital part to play in shaping the future of design. And keeping in mind the desire to mould the future of aspiring designers.  we chalk out innovative and enriching programs and interaction sessions with professionals. The courses are also tailored to meet the market demands. The valuable inputs, suggestions from the experts in these fields are carefully considered to make the courses a fruitful one in all aspects.

WHY DiiD ?

–          Quality Training  & Authentic Certification

–          On the job training & Regular Site  Visits

–          State of the art Classrooms and Labs

–          Faculty includes qualified Architects & Interior Designers

–          Exposure to the latest softwares aiding in interior designing

–          Placement  Assistance in leading Architectural firms

–          Adequate management contents to start professional practice/become an entrepreneur