Diploma in Architecture [2Years]


Diploma in Architecture prepares graduates for a wide range of careers in the industry such as the process and the product of planningdesigning, and constructing buildings and other physical structures. The skills taught in the programme include Engineering Graphics ,design, drawing, Climatology, critical thinking, creativity, daring, collaboration, Building Science & Technology and a fundamental awareness of theory and history. Throughout the program, students are engaged in all aspects of Building material awareness, Building protection, Building science & Services, Construction Management, Designing & Interior Design, production from concept development and production design to the completion of finished segments. The students will also get a complete knowledge of variety of furniture, lighting, furnishings suitable for the interiors, various services in interiors. They will get training in the selection of appropriate materials for different surfaces, impart skill in drawing ergonomically fit interior schemes for residential and commercial buildings, learn computer interface in designing and also help to develop professionalism in becoming an Architect.

The programme begins with Engineering Graphics, history of Architecture and Theory of architectural history, and traditional hand skills, then progresses to current art/interior design practices and technology. Students create interior design applications, CAD, Fine Arts, Professional Practice, Project Management and more.  The program encourages innovation while stressing strong technical and presentation skills. Students gain a background in applied Architectural theory and then experiment and develop their own creative approaches.  The students get a practical awareness of the present scenario by conducting workshops, seminars. The students have to do design problems through CAD. The candidates become eligible for a diploma after 2 years of study, and successful completion of the examinations and projects.



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