About Us

The vision envisaged by the organization of Designer Publications Kerala Pvt. Ltd is taking shape through the Designer Institute of Interior Design. The Institute is all about educating and equipping students, professionals, learners in the field of Interior Design.

Developing the aesthetic sense and know how in you .You will be guided how to improve the judgment skills in choosing materials for a pleasant Interior. On the job training in scale drawing and presentation techniques will be given.Exposure to software aiding in the art of interior designing. Professional Practice holds the key to any designer’s success and so enhancing interaction and project management skills is also what we will strive for.

An outlook

Interior Design is a fast developing discipline. Its importance lies in the fact that the interior use of an enclosed space is changing frequently due to the fast changing life styles. Thus the need of an interior designer will increase in the coming years.

Designer Institute of Interior Design situated at Ravipuram, in the heart of the city of Cochin, helps in educating and equipping the professionals, learners in the field of Interior designing which is a fast developing area.

Currently we are the only accredited interior designing training institute offering the KITCO – ASSOCHAM Consortium Diplomas in Interior Designing. At the outset we would like to explain that these Courses are not simply about the theory of interior design. These are intensive practical Courses developed to provide you with the professional skills required to succeed as an Interior Designer. Learners of both the Courses will get adequate knowledge about the management practices required to become an entrepreneur in interior design also.